help us help zoink!

So, we adopted this little puppy named Zoink…


He’s the cutest boy in the world.  He was born in Los Angeles in January with Type II Congenital Lateral Elbow Luxation; or, in plain English, dislocated elbows.  He was brought to the Downy shelter up there, which is a high-kill shelter that Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue of San Diego works with to get dogs out, rehab, and re-home them.  I found out about Zoink because my friend agreed to foster him while he was getting medical treatment.  My friend is in the Navy, and she had duty one Saturday, and a five-hour watch.  She asked if we could watch him, and told us that if we wanted, and if he got along with Spud and Isis (our Chihuahuas), we could continue fostering him because her schedule changed and she wouldn’t be able to do it anymore.

I was hooked the moment I saw him.  He was SO TINY!  Five pounds and seven weeks old, he was the cutest thing I had ever seen:


AND… he got along with the dogs.  Well, kind of.  He was smaller than they were, so they were okay with him because they were in charge, so I took that as a win.  That was on February 22nd, and he’s been with us ever since.

In March, Zoink had his first surgery to pull his elbows back into place and pin them there.  We visited him on March 9th to see how he was doing:

He ended up being cleared to go home, but his pins migrated a few days later, and he had to go BACK into surgery to fix them.  That time, he was at the animal hospital for a whole week before we could bring him home, and practice standing:


Soon, he was out of his casts and into a tube sock that I cut down and slid over his legs to keep his elbows in:


And soon, he was standing…

And then, on March 31st, he took his first steps by himself…

Now he’s 45 pounds of pocket-pit bull, and he’s still as cute as ever:


Unfortunately, he’s still in pain, and he needs to get his elbows fused in order to relieve it.

I have set up a GoFundMe account: for donations.  This surgery is going to run us $10,000, and we could really use some help 😦

I also had some 2015 calendars made of Zoink growing up from about 7 weeks to 9 months, they’re really adorable and would make great gifts for any dog lovers you know!  If you want to purchase one (or more!) please use the form at the bottom of this post.


I hate to ask you all for help like this, but if you could find it in your heart to help our boy live a pain-free life, I would be eternally grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.

PS: Zoink has a Google+, a Facebook, and a YouTube channel, check him out for more!


wedding planning as coping mechanism

So my wedding is almost here (8 days!) and I’ve been throwing myself into all the little details of the whole event, not just because I’m neurotic to the point that it makes me seem organized, but because it’s helping me escape the crap that goes along with it.

My bachelorette party was kind of a flop. Nine girls said they would celebrate with me, one was too sick to show, and never bothered to tell us, another was too ill to continue after dinner, (she had strep, I get it, go home and rest!) another had to work the next day because her command is going through hell right now, and another left early because her son’s birthday/college acceptance party was the next day. These are all understandable things, I know. However, when combined with the fact that three other girls left in the middle of it to go do something with someone else, then came back and said they had to leave, leaving three of us alone, sober, and calling for a ride home before the night could possibly get any worse… I got my feelings seriously hurt.

It’s also apparently my fault that they left because the girl throwing it said she was getting anxious because I didn’t appear to be having a good time. Uh, I was bummed that people kept leaving! Just because they had totally valid reasons for leaving doesn’t mean that it doesn’t suck that they had to go! How is this my fault?? Apparently I’m “hard to please” and “not easy to be friends with.” Fine. If that’s how you see me, then why bother? If I’m so high-maintenance and such a chore to be friends with, maybe we should just let the whole thing go!

Then, I call my future mother-in-law to get photos for a memorial we’re doing, and she tells me that I have to respond to a confirmation email from her husband (my Romeo’s step-father) from a computer, because if he sends them to my phone, the large files will break it. What?? So I try to explain to both of them that web-hosted email is the same whether it’s my phone or my desktop, and the guy says they will not be sending the photos, and FMIL tells Romeo that I called her ignorant. Seriously??

Then, I ask one of my bridesmaids if I can store my dress at her place until the wedding, tell her I’m picking it up today, and she says “cool.” Then she says she can’t come to the fitting because she has plans. Um. How am I supposed to get the dress into your house, then?? Luckily, another friend has said she wants to go, and will store it for me at her place.

Not to mention that of the 110 people I invited, only 50 are coming, and over half of the people who aren’t didn’t even bother to reply. Some of those who did were two weeks past the RSVP date. That’s ridiculous. That is so rude.

So I’m throwing myself into seating charts, escort cards, timelines, and sign-making to get my mind off of it. Most of the time it works, but sometimes, like right now, I sit and think: “what did I do to deserve this?” “Do I actually deserve this?” “Am I being too sensitive, or demanding?” I have no answers for these, I really don’t. I just know that it sucks, and I really, really hope that I won’t feel this way next Saturday. I don’t want to cry my makeup off…

color catastrophe (maybe)…


I’ve got this awesome dilemma going, and it’s really not fun.  The time to start planning the wedding is close at hand, and I kind of wish that we hadn’t already booked a venue :/

See, the issue is that we were mainly concerned with finding a venue that didn’t suck and that we could afford.  We found that, which is awesome, but it kind of comes with it’s own color palette.  Originally, we were going to do green and orange pastels, but as the venue is mostly shades of red, black, and cream, I thought it would be better to take the color cues from the existing décor so our colors wouldn’t clash.

The problem is that the boy likes blue and green, not red.  He was okay with our wedding being red and cream colors, but then yesterday I got a new phone, and thus a new phone cover, which is a shiny emerald green, and he can’t stop looking at it!  I know it’s just a phone case, but he’s obsessed with the color, and it makes me feel really guilty that this wedding of ours, something that’s supposed to be about both of us, doesn’t represent his favorite colors.  I don’t really have a favorite color, it totally depends on my mood at the time, so I really don’t have an allegiance.  My other half, however, is pretty committed to liking all things green and/or blue.

So I tried to suggest that we do a kind of sea glass themed wedding, which is fitting, as he’s a sailor, and I feel as though I should have been born a fish (I love the water).  The reception space is pretty blank at our venue, but the rest of the place has a very definite color scheme, and I really wanted to use it in photos!  Since it’s downtown, we’re not going to have a ton of attractive options for photo backgrounds, so I wanted to take advantage of the lobby and the bar area to get some good pictures, but if we were in pastel greens and blues…

Except that none of it matters, because either my fiancé’s love of green and blue doesn’t extend to the pastel hues, or he just has no eye for color and can’t envision it (personally, I think it’s the latter).  So he doesn’t want to do sea glass colors!  I was trying to figure out how to incorporate green into the palette a little bit without everything looking like Christmas, but so far, I haven’t been able to, since he likes the bright, saturated jewel tones.  As picky as he is, I still want to make sure I can incorporate his favorite colors, but I really just can’t see how it can be done at this venue, and I think it would probably look stupid if I just gave in and told him he could be special and wear a green tie or something.  I know he wouldn’t care, but there’s a process, there’s supposed to be a theme, things have to match, and with all of my idiosyncrasies and peccadilloes, I would go insane if everything else followed a common theme, and then there he was, clashing with everything and looking like a fool :/

He says he “doesn’t mind,” but I know that that’s guy speak for “I’m not going to hassle you about it because you’ll totally lose it.”  I know my sister-in-law would tell me not to stress, but I don’t like not having everything figured out right now, I don’t work that way.  I need to know what I’m going to do, I need to have a plan, and if that changes, fine, but I don’t like just having no clue what I’m doing and not even worrying about it, that’s just not me.  I had this whole vision of what we were going to do when our colors were green and orange, and then had to start from scratch when we switched to red and cream, and I can’t bear the thought of tossing all those ideas and starting from scratch again.  I mean, I just finished my inspiration board!  I have this whole cohesive idea for how it’s going to go, and if I lose that, I will start stressing, and I will lose it!

Oh well, I just won’t bring it up again and keep going the way I’m going, maybe he’ll be content with the gigantic green and blue koi I’m putting on my arm on Thursday, he can just look at that all day 🙂

why is it so impossible to plan a decent wedding?

I’m supposed to be writing a position paper for Advanced Composition right now, but I can’t focus because all I can think about is how my venue might not be the perfect setup I thought it was.

I love The Bristol, its gorgeous, it’s got molding, very reminiscent of Mad Men, a touch of glam, just like I wanted.  But the layout!  It’s driving me insane!  We have to hold cocktails in an elevator lobby.   Seriously?  I overlooked it at the time because I really think I just wanted to find a place, but now, I’m regretting putting down that deposit.  I realized there is absolutely no way we’re going to be able to switch the Starlight Room from ceremony to dancing decor without people having to pedal stuff in and out – right in front of everyone trying to have cocktails and eating dinner.  CRAP!

So last night, the boy and I were furiously checking Google and Bing maps, trying desperately to figure out if maybe we could find another place to hold just the ceremony, and then we’d work with what we’ve got for the reception.  I found the perfect place, outside, a block away, a lovely park with a fountain and trees…

Horton Plaza Park.

*open mouth, insert finger, make gagging noise*

That place is crawling with bums, it stinks, it’s dirty, and we would all probably either get mugged or get hep C.  Or both.  Granted, they are planning a total overhaul this summer, but it’s not going to do anything until they have a guard there 24/7 keeping the hobos out.  You can dress it up as nice as you want, that lawn over by the Midway Museum, it’s gorgeous, wonderfully manicured… and filled with the unwashed.  Gross.  This is one of the things I hate about San Diego, it’s where all the dirty bums of the world come because it doesn’t get cold here.

Then we found a couple of theaters close by, but our wedding is small, only 75 people or so, we don’t need a theater that can accommodate thousands, and the one I thought might work, the 10th Avenue Theater, might actually be too small!

Ugh.  No wonder people hire wedding planners.  Unfortunately, mine is my sister-in-law, who just got promoted to Director at her company, and I’m thinking she no longer has the kind of time that planning a wedding will require.  Plus, she lives in Rhode Island.  This is such a disaster, last night the boy and I were seriously considering just calling it off and eloping in Vegas.  Not only would it be easier, but I’ve started thinking about all the other stuff I could spend that money on…  I want a new pergola, French doors in the back, a new front door, a nice buffet with a hutch for the dining room…

This sucks.  I quit.