the issue of all-or-none

flip-flops-bad-for-politicians-even-worse-for-your-feetI know I was supposed to be writing about other stuff, but this is something that’s been on my mind lately. ¬†Feel free to continue waiting for school/Zoink/wedding posts ūüėČ

Why have so many people gone to this whole black-or-white, all-or-none way of thinking?? ¬†I recently read a post about how a zoo is trying to breed a species of tiger (I can’t find the link now, thanks Facebook…) back into the wild, and some chick commented about how the “anti-zoo people” need to accept zoos because they do stuff like this.

Hold up. ¬†You’re¬†both wrong!

The chick is wrong because simply allowing zoos to keep animals in captivity for the sole purpose of human entertainment is pretty messed up, and the “anti-zoo people” are wrong because that’s¬†not what all zoos do, they also rehabilitate and reintroduce animals into the ecosystem when they are/in danger of becoming extinct.

Like the Seaworld Thing: people want to shut down the whole operation because they keep whales captive and use them for entertainment.  Well yeah, but they also rescue and rehabilitate animals, and you know what pays for that?  Revenues from the amusement park patrons.

The issue of calling politicians “flip-floppers” bugs me too. ¬†You know what? ¬†Sometimes changing your mind, and thus your stance, is a¬†good thing! ¬†Someone who can “flip” between the Democratic and Republican parties is what we need more of in our government! ¬†Who¬†actually agrees with 100% of either party’s platforms?? ¬†Isn’t it more likely that the average American will have a mix of both? ¬†(For example, I’m 100% down for marriage equality and making LGTBI people a protected class, but I also think we need more conservative fiscal and immigration policies, does having opinions from both sides of the track make me a bad person? ¬†No! ¬†It makes me freaking¬†moderate!) ¬†We don’t need political fanatics who lean so far left or right that they’re practically falling off the edge of reality! ¬†We don’t need to have this all-or-none view of the world.

Too much gluten is bad. ¬†Don’t eat gluten. ¬†EVER.

Too many carbs are bad. ¬†Don’t eat carbs. ¬†EVER.

Too much alcohol is bad. ¬†Don’t drink. ¬†EVER.

Some GMOs are used so that we can spray more pesticides on food, therefore all GMOs are bad. ¬†Don’t eat GMOs. ¬†EVER.

You see where I’m going with this? ¬†This kind of thinking is an excuse to, well, not think! ¬†It’s trying to simplify very complicated issues, and instead of actually taking the time to think them through, weigh both sides, and make informed decisions, people just jump to the easiest ones they can come up with. ¬†It’s like instant-gratification for decision-making. ¬†The obsession with “now-now-now!” has even infiltrated our overall way of thinking about the world! ¬†That’s scary! ¬†Making shortcuts in your thinking and logic mean you’re making shortcuts in your decisions in everyday life! ¬†People are taking shortcuts when it comes to diet, exercise, relationships, raising children, school, careers… ¬†It’s everywhere! ¬†I think this might be the crisis of culture that so many people see but don’t know how it happened. ¬†I think this is the problem with the Information Age. ¬†We have so much information at our fingertips, and no one wants to actually take the time to access it and form their own opinions. ¬†It’s easier to let someone else do it.