city lights and starry nights…

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! It’s less than 13 months till my love and I tie the knot! The time has come to actually start nailing down ideas and get a clear picture of what we want to do.

After all that hoopla about trying to have a color scheme that matches the venue, I have decided that its worth more to me to have my boy happy, and to do the wedding in shades of deep blue (he doesn’t do that pastel crap). I’m keeping my über-romantic red roses, however…

Now that we have a color, I still kind of wanted a theme to match, and I’ve started thinking that dark, deep blues always remind me of the ocean on deployment. That shade of cerulean that only those that have been hundreds of miles from land know, and the inky blue-black of the sky on a clear night with no moon; guys, you wouldn’t believe how many stars there really are.


But I’ve also always had a love affair of artificial lights, city lights, to be specific. My mother told me of the first time we went into the city at night, and I said it was Christmas and could not be told otherwise. I still love the city lights, it’s one of the reasons I love San Diego so much. When I was stationed at the ASW base in Point Loma (now called NMAWC) I would sit out on the breakwater and watch Downtown light up the night. The planes fly into San Diego International Airport once every 90 seconds, and they come in right over the city. It’s a beautiful sight. I could watch the city lights for hours – and have!


My love doesn’t get it.

I mean, he gets that I love the lights, but I think he finds it childish and didn’t seem particularly into it when I brought him to the breakwater where I used to sit. He’s more into the stars, he says he misses that about Texas, the fact that his parents’ house is removed from the city enough that you can see almost all the stars. He loved to stand on the 03 level and look at the stars on a clear night, or even marvel at how bright a full moon really is when there are no other lights to dwarf it. On clear nights, with a full moon, you could see everything, no problem. You could see people’s faces clearly, and you would never trip over a knife-edge or a butt-can. That’s how bright the moon really is.


It was these things, the moon, the stars, the lights of cities in the distance as we glided by on glassy waters, that made deployment bearable. The deep, bright blue of the ocean, the flying fish, the dolphins and whales, the warm humidity of the air when we got near Thailand. The ship would be charged with excitement, Thailand was our favorite port, just about everyone agreed. The lights of the city, Bangla Road, it was all alive and going, going, going until morning. Then there were the beaches, crowded by day, usually quieter at night, but the sunsets and the light from the moon made it almost seem like it wasn’t real.


Thailand isn’t perfect, we got offered drugs many times, and were a little scared when we made a wrong turn down a dark road with dozens of beggars (and they aren’t shy about grabbing on you to beg), but it was where he and I decided that maybe we should give it a shot. I don’t think either of us thought it would get this far, we were 23 and 22, we had all the time in the world to find “The One,” but we turned out to be just what the other needed. Or at least, he’s just what I needed, and for some reason he sticks around, though I have no idea why.


That’s why I want to do a starry night, city lights theme for this wedding, it’s why we’re hoping and praying that we can get back to Thailand for our honeymoon for a couple of weeks, even if it’s the last time we get to be there together. I just have to figure out exactly how I’m supposed to pull this off…


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