i don’t wanna sell my jeep!

I love this thing...

I love this thing…


I have this predicament that is twofold:

1. My Mum is coming to visit this summer, and the boy and I only have two-door cars, which makes going anywhere a huge pain in the butt.

2. We’ve been talking babies, and I need a car that a car seat will fit in, and that is safe.


It makes the most sense that I buy a new car, since someone refuses to drive anything but a sports car, and as I’ll be the one with the baby most of the time.  A friend of ours did bring up a good point, however: why is he driving a car that I can barely get in and out of, it’s so low??  I brought this up to him and he said he kind of felt like a jerk, but not enough to get a higher car.  Seriously??

So now I’m faced with selling my beloved Wrangler, and just the thought of it makes me want to cry.  I love this car, it’s fun, it’s cool, and it is just so me!  Were I to go with my head, I would get a Toyota Rav4 and be done with it, but my heart keeps saying “get a Wrangler Unlimited, then you can have your Jeep and a back seat!” :/

2013 Rav4

I mean, it’s not a bad-looking car or anything, but it doesn’t really scream “fun and alternative,” and I’m trying to be as fun and alternative as I can be before I start getting told that I’m too old for that kind of stuff.  I just had an appointment to get my whole outer upper arm tattooed, for crying out loud!

But the Rav4 is the safest midsize SUV, tied with the Subaru Forester, and it just makes sense to get one for baby purposes.  That, and the Entune navigation system is pretty much everything I’d ever want with an in-dash system, it comes with Pandora!  The MyGig system in the Jeeps (if they even put them in as part of a package anymore, I wasn’t seeing it on the Jeep site just now…) is just kind of “meh”…

I was thinking about just putting my Jeep up on Craigslist for like $20,000, a few more grand than it’s worth, and then see what kind of offers I get on it, but then what if someone says “here’s $20k, I’m taking your car”?  Then I’d be stuck with no car, and this dilemma as to what car I should get next!

This sucks! 😦

I thought that maybe I’d just hold off for a couple more years, get through this summer, and maybe the next, then after the wedding, I can see if my ovaries are screaming for a Rav4 or if my heart is screaming for another Jeep.  With my luck, it’ll be both and I’ll explode.  But then I remembered that my Mum’s coming and how much of a pain in the butt it was to get the three of us anywhere last year.  Plus, I just got pre-approved through Navy Federal for a 1.49% car loan.  That is an awesome rate, and if I put the $20k from the Jeep towards a new Rav4 or another Jeep, I’d have less than $10k to finance…

So what do you all think I should do?  Do I hang on to the Wrangler I’ve got until I can put it off no more and get a “sensible” (bleah!) car?  Or do I trade it in for a 4-door Jeep that isn’t exactly the safest vehicle, but it’ll take a car seat?  Or, do I decide that now’s the time to grow up and get the Rav4, taking advantage of that awesome rate?


4 thoughts on “i don’t wanna sell my jeep!

  1. If unemployment wasn’t currently causing a burden upon my soul i would take it off your hands. I think that is a pretty sweet jeep.

  2. Jennarayyyy says:

    Does the unlimited have a terrible safety rating or just, meh? I would go for the Toyota and the interest rate and just be done with it. But, if the Unlimited still has a pretty good safety rating just not all the fancy amenities, I would go with another Jeep. I feel that’s where your heart lies.

  3. Jesse says:

    i have 2DR JK and carry 3 kids from 10 year old to 17 month old! 🙂 Jeep Wrangler has one of the highest crash test result! Hope you find the best solution that fit your situation! 🙂

    • Lena says:

      I’m not really sure where you’re getting your crash test ratings, but Jeeps only get 3/5 overall, and they also have a “marginal” in one of the areas. Definitely not one of the highest ratings! I wouldn’t feel comfortable toting kids around in a car like that.

      Also, I can’t imagine trying to get a car seat in and out of a two-door car! I welcome your opinion, but I’m not even considering keeping my 2D JK when there’s kids in the picture…

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