why is it so impossible to plan a decent wedding?

I’m supposed to be writing a position paper for Advanced Composition right now, but I can’t focus because all I can think about is how my venue might not be the perfect setup I thought it was.

I love The Bristol, its gorgeous, it’s got molding, very reminiscent of Mad Men, a touch of glam, just like I wanted.  But the layout!  It’s driving me insane!  We have to hold cocktails in an elevator lobby.   Seriously?  I overlooked it at the time because I really think I just wanted to find a place, but now, I’m regretting putting down that deposit.  I realized there is absolutely no way we’re going to be able to switch the Starlight Room from ceremony to dancing decor without people having to pedal stuff in and out – right in front of everyone trying to have cocktails and eating dinner.  CRAP!

So last night, the boy and I were furiously checking Google and Bing maps, trying desperately to figure out if maybe we could find another place to hold just the ceremony, and then we’d work with what we’ve got for the reception.  I found the perfect place, outside, a block away, a lovely park with a fountain and trees…

Horton Plaza Park.

*open mouth, insert finger, make gagging noise*

That place is crawling with bums, it stinks, it’s dirty, and we would all probably either get mugged or get hep C.  Or both.  Granted, they are planning a total overhaul this summer, but it’s not going to do anything until they have a guard there 24/7 keeping the hobos out.  You can dress it up as nice as you want, that lawn over by the Midway Museum, it’s gorgeous, wonderfully manicured… and filled with the unwashed.  Gross.  This is one of the things I hate about San Diego, it’s where all the dirty bums of the world come because it doesn’t get cold here.

Then we found a couple of theaters close by, but our wedding is small, only 75 people or so, we don’t need a theater that can accommodate thousands, and the one I thought might work, the 10th Avenue Theater, might actually be too small!

Ugh.  No wonder people hire wedding planners.  Unfortunately, mine is my sister-in-law, who just got promoted to Director at her company, and I’m thinking she no longer has the kind of time that planning a wedding will require.  Plus, she lives in Rhode Island.  This is such a disaster, last night the boy and I were seriously considering just calling it off and eloping in Vegas.  Not only would it be easier, but I’ve started thinking about all the other stuff I could spend that money on…  I want a new pergola, French doors in the back, a new front door, a nice buffet with a hutch for the dining room…

This sucks.  I quit.


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