you don’t need to keep the “christ” in “christmas”

So, it’s that time of year again, and Facebook has become plastered (and not the good kind) in pictures telling people to “keep Christ in CHRISTmas!”

Screw you, okay?  I’ll celebrate Christmas however I damn well please, and in this house, it ain’t about Jesus…

Growing up, Christmas was my absolute favorite holiday (it has since been replaced with Halloween), I loved all the lights (I still have an obsession with lights at night, be they stars, cars, or great city views), the fact that my whole family was going to be hanging out together, Mum made super-delicious food, the whole house was filled with decorations, the snow on the ground, ice skating on the pond with my friends and neighbors…  I have many, many happy memories of Christmastime as a child.  It was wonderful.

I’m convinced it was wonderful because my mother actually got the meaning of Christmas.  Christmas shouldn’t be a time to drag your children to midnight mass, to make them sit still and pray and thank God or Jesus or whoever for all these awesome presents and food (besides, you’re talking to the wrong people; Mom and Dad are the ones that work two jobs each and both took an extra shift back in October so they would have the money to pay for such extravagances).

To my mother (and now me), Christmas is about the joy of giving, of being with those you love, and its a time to get gifts you would never buy for yourself, but have wanted all year.  It’s a time to be a little indulgent (who’s counting how many pieces of Yorkshire pudding you’ve had?  Or how many glasses of wine??) and remember the important things in life.  It’s a great tie-in to Thanksgiving, really.  A month earlier, we all sat around a table being thankful for what we had, and then we go out and seek gifts to give others to show how much we love and appreciate them.

All that tends to get lost, however, in the squabbles over the last Tickle-Me-Elmo, the riots ensuing because there’s a Nativity scene somewhere on public property.

Shut. Up.

That Nativity scene is not stopping you from lighting your Menorah, or your Kwanzaa thing, or being an Atheist, it’s not hurting you!

It’s never enough for anyone, either there’s too much religion going around, or there isn’t enough.  How about.  You go to your house fo worship or whatever.  And get your religious fulfillment there???  And to the people who think the fact that our money has “In God We Trust” on it is offensive: why don’t you just not use money?  Hmmmm?  If it bothers you that much, you can just go to hell and die.

Why can’t people be normal anymore?  Why can’t we all just get along during the holidays like we’re supposed to?  Nearly every culture on the planet has some form of winter celebration, lets just concentrate on the fact that there’s a hell of a lot more uniting us than there is dividing us.  Let us all just shut the fuck up and enjoy the fucking holidays…


why lori didn’t deserve to be hated

So, spoiler alert, Lori is dead.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t bother reading any further, if you do, and you’re all “yeah! Bitch had it coming…” please do read further, while I explain Lori from a woman’s point of view. You might learn something.

I recently read an article on YahooTV (read it here) that listed four reasons why most people hate Lori.

Correction: everyone hates Lori. I am literally the only person I know that likes her, everyone else either vehemently despises her, or simply has no opinion on her. I thought I’d offer a different perspective on the whole Lori thing:

1. Lori is apparently a whiney bitch:

Um. No. Lori just got her “dead” husband back and is terrified to let him out of her sight. That is why she keeps getting upset every time he has to leave. My fiance’s in the Navy, I know it’s not his fault when he has to go underway, but it’s hard not to be frustrated when we get the news that he has to leave the country for a week to ten days every other month… while he’s on shore duty. So yes, occasionally us girls get upset when you men leave us, especially when it’s to do something that might kill you.

2. Rick apparently “deserves better”:

Okay, I get that everyone likes Rick (personally, I think up till the end of Season 2 he was a big vagina, but I guess we can overlook it because he’s a dude…) and that it’s messed up that Lori “cheated on him,” but let us not forget that Shane was also Rick’s best friend and partner. I haven’t heard a damn thing about what a shitty friend Shane was, just that Lori is a slut. Stuff like this:


Pisses me off!!! I’m sorry, if the whole world goes to shit, I’m pretty sure boning is not out of the question. Especially for dudes. Don’t be such martyrs, no one believes you.

3. Lori’s sexist… against her own kind:

Yes, on the farm, Lori made that little comment to Andrea about not standing watch and doing some work, but Andrea was totally only standing watch to get out of doing manual labor (and look how that worked out, she shot Darryl in the face!) and I think Lori’s frustration was totally justified. The men were standing watch because they were the ones with weapons experience, they had two cops, a redneck, and an old dude who knew his way around a rifle, why would they put chicks that have never shot guns before on watch over the qualified people?? It wasn’t about gender! It was about playing on people’s strengths! Andrea didn’t know shit about guns, did anyone see when Shane tried to teach her how to clean hers? She pointed it straight at him! Rule #1: never point your weapon at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Boom. Fail. Get in the fucking kitchen, or do some laundry, bitch.

4. People seriously couldn’t wait for her to die:

Lori’s not perfect. She’s human. And the fact that she’s not perfect and made some mistakes is what made me like her, but you guys just couldn’t WAIT for her to die. Are you happy now? Is this good enough “closure” for you? She dies so her daughter could live, Carl has to shoot her in the face, and Rick totally fucking loses it. I died a little inside during that scene, seriously. I know it’s just a show, but I can’t handle seeing a grown man cry, even if its just acting. Seeing the look on his face when he realizes Carl saw his mother die just broke my heart. He still loved Lori, with all her faults, and despite the mistake she made when Shane-the-douche told Lori he was dead so that she would have sex with him. Even when it seemed their relationship would never recover, just before all hell broke loose, they shared a look that totally gave me hope that everything would be okay with the group, and then it was shattered by that one inmate. I am so, so sad (also because T-Dog died, that dude was awesome) because Lori died totally hated, and I know if they interview Sarah on Talking Dead, people are going to boo and hate her, but that’s just the character she played, and even then, Lori was still a real character. She deserves better than all the ignorant, misogynistic, judgmental crap you people throw at her :/