my top three (well, only three…) photo apps for iFail…


So I’ve been sucked into the great iFail void from which there is no escape, by which I mean I use iTunes, own an iPad and an iPhone, and as much as the Apple software bugs the crap out of me, I continue to use it, because in theory (meaning that if it worked correctly 100% of the time) it should be awesome, easy to use, and totally worth having.

Well, its not.

But I still use it, I’m assuming much like the majority of the Apple-users, because I know we’re not all crazy diehards…

I have to admit though, they have some pretty cool apps, photo apps in particular, and I thought I’d share my three favorite photo apps that are also currently the only photo apps I have because the other ones just weren’t worth keeping on my iFail (read: phone).

Instagram (

Well duh, I had to start out with the big one!  Instagram is a lot more than just being able to share photos, you can add some cool effects, post a description or comment, and “heart” things (so basically, it’s Facebook, but only for pictures).  There’s also a bunch of spin-off sites that offer compatible services for use with Instagram, check them out here (granted, this list is tailored specifically for weddings, but there are plenty of other situations where you would want an Instagram postcard, Instagram magnets, or instant Polaroid-like prints of your Instagrams…)

ColorSplash (

This app is really cool because it lets you do those neat combination color/black and white photos without dealing with all those pesky developing chemicals.  Simply take a picture, select whether most of it will be color or black and white, and then zoom in and add/remove color from the other areas, zoom back out and you have a pretty darn cool picture 🙂

ToonCamera (

This one has gotten so cool!  When I first got it, it had some neat effects, but now there are more!  You take a picture, open it in ToonCamera, and decide what medium you want it in (pencil, charcoal, chalk, paint, whatever) and at what level you want the effect to show up (different shades from light to dark) so awesome!

The best part is mixing effects to get some really cool pictures, it’s like you’re a photo-Picasso!

Does anyone have any other iFail photo apps they love?  Tell me about them in the comments!


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