no, i didn’t drop off the face of the earth…

Wow. I haven’t written anything in a long time. I used to be able to just write, but now, I’m finding that I’m not reading as much either, so I threw myself into a new book. I was looking up “Practical Magic” on IMDB because I watched it yesterday, and learned it was based on a book. How did I never know that?? I have always loved that movie! So I downloaded it. I’m going to do a pre-finished-the-book-review and say: it’s okay. The story is better than the writing, and I think it’s going to be one of those that I actually like the movie better than the book. (And don’t tell me it’s because I saw the movie first! I saw “The Hunger Games” before I read the books, and I think the books are loads better!)

I miss writing. I haven’t been working on my story either, mostly because I’ve kind of hit a plot wall, maybe I’ll work on some other areas, this is the first time I’ve actually written an outline, so I have most of the story laid out, and I suppose the order in which I write them doesn’t matter… I could also start What Would You Do If I Pooped In Your Shoe? or The Jew That Saved Christmas, I did get a new app called “Inspire” that lets you paint some cool stuff, I actually did a primitive little drawing the other night:


I think I could illustrate a children’s book with it, it would probably be easier on the iPad though, the bigger screen helps.

Oh! Speaking of the iPad, the whole reason Dave bought it for me – school – is nearly upon me. One more week and I start class, so I’ve started getting everything settled, all my accounts, I’ve been trying to get my dang books, but they’re not available yet, hopefully on Monday. Monday! Yes, I have an appointment with the VA on Monday to finish my enrollment in their healthcare system! Thank God I got my 60%, I was calling around trying to find a health insurance company that would cover me. Nope! None of them would. TriCare takes pre-existing conditions as well though, so at least when Dave and I finally take the plunge, I’ll have that option too. A friend of mine said the VA told him he couldn’t be seen until September for something… I’m not entirely sure what in the world he was trying to get seen for, but it couldn’t have been anything routine or life-threatening. I don’t know, sometimes I think people just don’t understand the process, and that ignorance gets them in trouble in a lot of places. I still want to start my “Fight Ignorance” movement, but I would prefer to have a few other people on my side before we go public. I just want people to think, please! The things that come out of some people’s mouths (or Facebooks) these days are just ridiculous. Buying into the propaganda, the rumors, the outright lies! I don’t pretend to be some beacon of amazing intelligence and flawlessness, I make my mistakes and get stuff wrong all the time (like the Affordable Healthcare Act, I totally thought that was going to be a terrible idea because I’m so against ObamaCare, but after I did some research, I realized its a good thing! The only people that are going to have a problem with it are the lazy people who just want to be lazy. The people that work and can’t afford healthcare right now will be happy, because now they can!) but some people raise being wrong to an art, they revel in arguing things that are totally untrue and then get angry and venomous when you call them out on it. I hate those people. I really can’t stand them. I say, do your research, get it from several sources, recognize that there are two sides to every argument, two opinions for every fact, and that not every resource is going to be unbiased. I like to be Devil’s Advocate, I prefer to use logic to see how both sides of an argument can be right, and then use my personal ethics and the values I have to make my own decision, but I’m never really firmly planted on one side or the other… Well, maybe in cases of animal abuse, I can get a little venomous about my little babies, here’s a new picture, by the way:


They’re ridiculous 🙂

Anyway, I think it’s time to go engage in some productivity, maybe… Maybe I’ll just have a bagel… And a glass of sangria… And watch “Practical Magic” again…