katniss everdeen, you are my hero

Okay, I know that “The Hunger Games” are getting more hype than Harry Potter, but come on, Bella Swan/Cullen kind of screwed us girls over in the “badass chick department”



So now, we have Katniss Everdeen. Dude, even her name is cool! She steps up to save her little sister from certain death, only to face it herself and live. So. Cool. And I love the way Peeta first describes her:

“She doesn’t know. The effect she can have.”

OMG!!! Cue the girlish squeal, please! I definitely enjoyed the movie, though I was horrified the entire time about the premise of sending 12-18 year olds to slaughter each other for entertainment. Other than that small detail, I was totally into it. I immediately downloaded the trilogy on iBooks and started reading the next day.

Again, I loved Harry Potter and Twilight, even though I’m a bit old for young adult novels, but those are the ones that are really fun to read! After all my boring Business and World Religions reading, I want to read something light and fluffy, and The Hunger Games totally delivers. It’s descriptive without getting dry, it’s exciting without getting unrealistic, there’s romance, but not really because Katniss doesn’t have time for that shit. I love it.

I do have to say that I wish the actors that played Peeta and Gale in the movie were hotter. They both have really little beady eyes, Gale’s are too close together, and Peeta… I don’t know, something about him just says “ew” to me, I can’t put my finger on it…


… Okay, maybe not this picture…

The best thing about all the hype is that finally girls have a realistic, relatable, positive role model in Katniss. She is a genuinely good person, and she tries to do what’s right, even when she makes mistakes. And she’s not stupid or helpless, which is awesome. These are definitely books that I’m going to read to my little girl (if I ever have one), if my daughter is going to have a role-model, it will be a badass chick like Katniss, not the latest Miley Cyrus or Hillary Duff (who apparently had a baby, isn’t she, like, 15?? No? Oh, so I’m just old as fuck, okay…)


2 thoughts on “katniss everdeen, you are my hero

  1. I’m interested in hearing what you think about Katniss after the second and third books so I’ll keep my eyes open for your next reviews. We definitely differ in the Peeta category though, I have an embarrassingly huge crush on him considering I’m a 28 year old lady who’s married.

    • Lena says:

      Ha! I judge you not for your crush! I have more of a crush on the book version of Peeta, I feel like words tell his story better than the screen šŸ™‚

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