buddhism at its best

So today, during my World Religions class (highly recommended as an elective for anyone) I realized something. Have you ever drawn a certain picture a lot? Like, over the course of years? I have. I used to draw many things all the time, but one in particular: a flower. The following flower, actually:


Just a flower, but if you look closely, it kind of does resemble the flower representing Buddhism:


The lotus. I wanted to facepalm myself when I finally realized it. Of course. I am a Buddhist. I really should have known.

I went online and found a site that has you answer various metaphysical, eschatological, and spiritual questions, bases your answers on different religions, and gives a percentage of those you identify with.

I was 100% Mahayana Buddhist.

Normally, I write off these kinds of things, but they’re not like your average Facebook quizzes and then you post a funny little picture. This site has information about all the different religions, so that you can research those you may have matched highly with, but perhaps don’t fully understand. (If this sounds neat to you, take the quiz here.)

I love the fact that I could easily follow the beliefs of the Mahayana Buddhists, it’s a very peaceful, harmonious religion, and I need that. I am such a Type A that I need all the relaxation I can get! I adore yoga, am trying to learn meditation (the ADD doesn’t help) and I want to practice living a good, positive life. I’ve started to calm down, not get so worked up by the negative things, and to appreciate the little things more. I’m just starting with these changes, so it’s going to take practice, but I can already feel that I am more at peace just by consciously following this path šŸ™‚

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to join a monastery, seclude myself from society, and spend all my days in prayer, but I have started researching what it is to be a Buddhist, and am seriously considering going through the ceremony and officially becoming a Buddhist (they do snip off a piece of hair, right on top of your head, though, so I’m not crazy about that, but hey, hair grows back, it could be worse).

Most of my delving has been in the Internet, but I’m hoping to find some books on the matter, I’ve always wanted to believe in something higher than myself, and now I feel like I really could šŸ™‚


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