continuing in the “gay rights” vein…

I randomly found this video today: Megyn Kelley DEFENDS Booing of Gay Soldier, and I was pissed.  Whomever this Megyn Kelley (spell your damn name right, idiot) chick is, she’s yet another ignorant, nosy, Republican moron, that makes the decent Republicans look like intolerant assholes (which they’re not, my Dad’s a staunch Republican, and you know what? he’s a decent, kind, accepting man).  The whole “booing” at a political debate pisses me off too: aren’t these supposed to be professional affairs?  Where people put their Big Boy Pants on and grow the hell up to talk about important matters in a civilized way?  Good job, dumbass!  I’m sure Santorum will appreciate your assistance in destroying Republican credibility (I honestly hope that dude is a Democrat who is purposefully making an ass out of the Republican Party, which, if it were true, would make me much less sad about him running – STEWART/COLBERT ’12!).

The thing that occurred to me after posting how dumb that anchor-bitch was, is how difficult it is for someone gay in the Armed Forces to vote, and here’s why:

Republican Agenda:  Stomp out gay rights/increase military funding

Democratic Agenda:  Establish gay rights/decrease military funding

By the way, the “military funding” part includes paychecks, benefits, pensions, ability to reenlist for 20 years and retire…

Get it?  Someone gay in the military pretty much has to choose between their lifestyle and their career when voting for a president.  This is really the only place where the two mix, because as I’ve said numerous times, your sexuality has no place in the workforce, including the military, because it doesn’t matter.  Call me a hater, but I think DADT actually protected a lot of gays from their shipmates, namely, the ones that really enjoy flaunting their sexuality in everyone’s faces, which I hate as much as a straight guy or girl doing it.  Again, because there is no place for it in the workforce.  So if you’re gay, and you’re in the Good Ol’ Boy network of the military, don’t you think it’s kind of stupid to be all in-your-face and make the sheltered, ignorant people from places like Iowa uncomfortable enough to kick your ass?  It’s those people who I believe DADT protected, basically from their own stupidity.  I’m not saying it’s right to kick someone out for being gay, but if your gayness is so flamboyant that it’s really screwing with the minds of the straight guys that can’t handle it, and can’t get away from it, then you just need to stop.  Be smart about it.  Some people are okay with it, other’s aren’t, and they have the right to not be okay with it.  It doesn’t matter.

So a gay military member gets to choose between having equal rights outside of the military and freezing his pay/losing his pension and benefits/not being allowed to re-enlist, or not having those rights and be unable to marry the person s/he loves, but keep the military funding up so that they’ll have a decent job with benefits.


Can you imagine having to make that choice?  What would you choose if you did?


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