lilo returns!


Apparently Lindsay Lohan is making a comeback, complete with exclusive Matt Lauer interview and SNL hosting spot this weekend. The teasers for the show were released Tuesday, check them out here.

But I’m here to talk about this interview with Lauer – DANG! The full footage won’t be released until later this morning, but the clip that the Today Show aired as a taste of what will be to come was intense! Lauer was giving her the Disappointed Dad speech, and even suggested a parallel with Whitney Houston, which LiLo was so taken aback by, she couldn’t even process enough to respond, check it out.


Oh, and what the hell is up with her hair? For that matter, her entire face, she looks like she’s forty, for crying out loud! She looks like a blonde Roseanne Barr, for real. It’s scary.


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