my fitness pal

I’ve been a member of My Fitness Pal ( for a while, but I stopped using it (I have no idea why, but my guess would be too much partying over the summer and I just got lazy about logging stuff, which led to the total breakdown of my system…) and I now have to start from square one. Actually, it might even be less than square one, because I’m pretty sure I actually weigh more than I did when I started the first time. Fuck.

But that’s okay, I’ve cleared out the old and started anew, and I’ve spent two days tracking my calories in my food diary (boo!) and tonight I had an awesome workout using Kinect Adventures with Dave for two hours (yay!). The cool thing is that as much as calorie counting sucks, working out gives me such a boost that I suddenly don’t mind it that much – I’m not even hungry, and I only had about 1300 calories today!

But that’s me; for some reason, whenever I work out, I completely lose my appetite. I know, it’s weird. Most people I know are absolutely voracious after burning off a ton of calories, but not me. That’s why in high school and all through boot camp I was sooooo¬†skinny! I was walking/running around all day and either getting PT’d/IT’d or playing sports for hours a day. In high school, I would eat a bowl of Fruit Loops for lunch, and that would be all I would eat all day. In boot camp, I was forced to at least eat something (which sucked, I can’t eat when I’m not hungry, unless I’m bored, and you’re never bored in boot camp!) and I found that when I was walking around with my canteen belt that I had to wear it on my natural waist and push my stomach out or else it would rub uncomfortably on my protruding hip-bones. The day I realized that I was so shocked that I wasn’t paying attention to where I was marching and fell in a pothole, rupturing my fibula, and I had to be carried by a couple of guys to Medical. I felt so terrible as they ran (yes, ran) with me in a four-handed seat carry, but I gotta say, it was pretty exhilarating being carried by two huge prospective SEALS that are running full-tilt together! I kept apologizing, and finally one of them said: “Parent, seriously, you don’t weigh a damn thing, shut up.” So I did, and they got me to Medical in time for them to double-time to chow with time to eat with the division ūüôā

But I digress!

I want to get back down to my boot camp size (I would say weight, but I have no idea what I weighed, 115, 120 maybe? Less than I weigh now.) and I have a feeling that I’ll be a much happier person. I don’t feel like going anywhere anymore. I don’t want to go clubbing or bar-hopping, I just don’t want people to see me, and it sucks. When I was in shape, I went out all the time! You couldn’t keep¬†me out of the clubs! For the longest time, I thought I didn’t go anymore because I was getting too old for that stuff, but now I know the real reason: my confidence varies inversely with my weight. Meaning that the more I weigh, the less confidence I have, and therefore the less desire I have to be in social situations. I just want to be happy, and I want Dave to be happy. I don’t want him to have to keep dealing with how insecure and lame I’ve become. Well, that and I also want him to know that I will look smashing in a wedding gown, if and when he asks me…

Omg, speaking of that!

No, he didn’t ask me, don’t get excited.

But I did convince him to go to this restaurant called Humphreys By the Bay (

I found it while I was wandering around Point Loma when I was stationed on the ASW Base for school. I never actually ate there, or stayed in the hotel, or saw any concerts, but I always thought it was wonderful because it reminded me of Thailand (well, not when I first saw it, I hadn’t been to Thailand yet) where we officially became a couple on Halloween, 2008.

So we went and had dinner, which was great, and afterward we walked around to the front of the hotel (which is the above picture) so I could show him how it looks like the prow of a Polynesian ship (doesn’t it???). Then we found a winding path that led by the pool, through the jungle-like vegetation, over a small footbridge above a koi pond (with massive koi!) and led out onto the concert green, which I thought would be awesome¬†for a reception if we got a big band to play (I’m thinkin’ Bowling for Soup, don’t laugh, they do weddings, I checked!). All in all, it was a great night, and I really hope to go back again, lots of times, and especially when we finally decide to get married (which will be whenever we’re both making more money – for him, June, for me… I have no clue. I know I’m getting the GI Bill in July, but I’m not sure if that will be “enough” for Dave to feel financially secure planning what will probably end up being a $20,000-$40,000 wedding. I’m not cheap). Overall, an awesome couple of days, I haven’t felt this good in a long time ūüôā




“It is necessary to face and accept some very difficult truths about yourself.”

A line from Elizabeth Gilbert’s fantastic book Eat Pray Love, which I adore, as well as the movie (I don’t think they could have gotten a better actress, honestly) and it really hit me today. I put the movie on in the background a lot of the time, when I’m doing other things, and it suddenly popped out at me today as I was at my desk.

There are certainly some aspects of “me” that I wish were different, but I think the reason I’ve become so unhappy with myself is because I’ve just been beating myself up about it, wishing I was different. There is a reason the “Serenity Prayer” exists, and it’s because I’m not the first, nor the last, to have this problem.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.

The truth simply radiates from this prayer to anyone with a shred of common sense, but like many lessons, it’s easier to understand in theory than it is to apply to your way of life. I guess that part takes practice. A lot of practice.

Practice is something that I never really quite got the hang of. If I wasn’t immediately good at something, it made me feel bad, so I just didn’t do it, rather than practice and improve. Childish, I know, but who we are as adults most definitely establishes roots in childhood. So now I’m 26 (that’s a scary number…) and I still tend to avoid things that I’m not good at, mostly because it ends up hacking at my self esteem to constantly try and fail. Believe me, I know how lame that is, I would love nothing more than to tell myself I’m being a big baby and to just get on with it, but it’s not so simple. I’m not one of those that plays the victim, I don’t want anyone to think that I am weak or simply asking for people to pity me, I simply need to acknowledge that I have weaknesses and faults, and that that is okay. If a particular weakness is one that I cannot or should not live with (for example, my constant need to validate myself by being right) then I believe I should have the right and the ability to change it. Especially when it interferes with my ability to be happy, because I’m not. I’m miserable. My criticism led me to a place where others felt the need to point out flaws that I was well aware of, but vehemently ignored, and having them thrown in my face in the manner they were was like being shot. I had a complete emotional breakdown, I simply could not continue on the path I was living. So I cried, and screamed, and even considered cutting myself again, and the funny thing was that the reason I didn’t was because the razor blade I found was full of hair, I guess Dave hadn’t rinsed it well, and I thought that was gross so I just threw it away and went back to bed. The mind is a strange thing. Or maybe it’s just me.

So today I spent a lot of time thinking about what was said to me (I was essentially told I was fat and ugly) and what I could do. If I was happy with my appearance, it would probably not have hurt, so I supposed the first thing I should consider was weight loss. I ordered a stationary bike online (Dave and I had been discussing getting an exercise machine anyways, so it wasn’t that rash of a decision) and looked through a website designed by models to share tips on staying in shape (no, I do not want to be a model, nor do I even believe I could be, but let’s face it, they have awesome bodies, or they wouldn’t be models). I also dusted off my My Fitness Pal app (, reset it, and started anew. The app is for tracking food and exercise, so I logged my tiny breakfast of ice water, a cup of Yoplait light yogurt, and a piece of whole grain toast with peanut butter, sighed, and realized that there can be no victory without sacrifice. I’m not going to get back into shape being lazy and eating garbage all the time. I know it’s kind of an obvious affirmation, but I have been in denial for about two years now. I used the injuries I sustained in the Navy as an excuse to give up on my own health and live the life of an invalid.

Well fuck that.

I am fully capable of overcoming the herniated disks in my back, and the arthritis and tendinitis that is attempting to destroy my knees. I’m going to take glucose supplements, lose the weight, tone my core, and get flexible with yoga. I’m going to do this, I’m going to. I have to. This is my life, and I’m not going to be lazy about it anymore. I am a spirit that has been given a body that I have not been respecting. Well it starts now. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, I will make myself worthy of this life, and nothing will stop me.


the navy and tattoos

Okay, so a friend of a friend gets this anchor tattoo, she’s in the Navy like me, so I thought “cool, Navy tattoo, alright.” ¬†Then I find out she’s got a swallow.¬† She’s been in for maybe two years, and has never¬†been to sea.¬† A swallow.¬† For those of you who don’t know, the swallow tattoo is a Navy thing that civilians thought was cool and stole.¬† Civilians with swallow tattoos don’t really bug me, because they don’t really know the meaning behind it, so I just chalk it up to “hey, that looks cool, I want THAT!”.¬† But, if you’re in the Navy, and you get all these tattoos, you might want to know what they mean before you start thinking you’re Joe Cool…

Swallows:¬† Initially, Sailors got swallows before they went out to sea, because swallows always come home; nowadays, one swallow means you’ve sailed 5,000 miles, and two means 10,000.¬† There’s a ton of hoopla about “flying fists” and other dumb stuff, but in the US Navy, it means you’ve done some time at sea.

Anchors:¬† Depending on the way it’s done, it can mean a Boatswain’s Mate (it’s their rating badge) a Chief (it’s their rank symbol) or, the original meaning, that you’ve sailed across the Atlantic.¬†¬†There’s also ties to the Christian Church, however,¬†so this one is kind of iffy.¬† But it’s pretty much understood that if you’re in the Navy and you have an anchor tattoo, you’re either a Boats, a Chief, or you’ve at least gone underway at some point…

Dragons:¬† Means you’ve served in the Far East.¬† There’s a ton of people with dragon tattoos, and I totally wouldn’t rag on someone for having one, because they’re everywhere, and the Navy stole it from the Asians they met there, so this one is less of a big deal whether you’re in or out.¬† Again, the style has something to do with it as well.

Pig¬†and Rooster:¬† Probably one of my personal favorites, the pig and rooster tattoos would be applied one on each leg (sometimes on the knee, sometimes the foot) to keep a sailor afloat.¬† Back in the day, when live roosters and pigs would be shipped overseas in wooden crates, they were often the only remains left of a shipwreck, so it was believed the tattoo would help you stay afloat and get to land if the ship went down.¬† If you have this tattoo and you’re not on sea duty in the Navy, or at least a hardcore mariner, you’re an idiot.

“Hold Fast” and/or Rope:¬† It’s a deckhand¬†thing.¬† Helps you hold the rope, show people your profession, yada¬†yada, not a whole lot of people get these anymore, and if I saw someone ¬†with “HOLD FAST” across his knuckles, unless he was an old, salty-ass Chief, I would laugh my ass off and probably die laughing. ¬†[EDIT: People are getting pissed off at me for saying I would laugh at someone with “HOLD FAST” on their knuckles, so let me explain. ¬†The Navy is no longer using sailing ships. ¬†Hell, we don’t even use steam ships anymore. ¬†We use jet engines. ¬†Sure, we still need to handle ropes in order to dock/moor, and we have all those fun flags we fly, but let’s be honest: Navy sailors just don’t do the rope work they used to! ¬†If you’re a literal “sailor,” and you¬†actually sail, this is not directed at you, okay? ¬†Calm down…]

Jolly Roger:¬† You know, the black flag with the skull and crossbones?¬† Well, usually it’s a pirate thing, but I heard once a while ago that it was a symbol for getting in trouble and going to Captain’s Mast.¬† I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t really want to advertize that shit.¬† Unless you’re one of my former Commanding Officers (who shall remain nameless) who kept black anchors on this ship to show what a badass he was for not getting fired during an official inquiry – you go, Cap!

Full-Rigged Ship:¬† You’ve sailed around Cape Horn.¬† Back in the day, when ships were actually powered by wind, you were also allowed to get a blue star on your ear, and if you did it five times, you could get one on your other ear, because it was that badass to do it and survive that many times.¬† Nowadays though, a lot of people have full-rigged ships, but most of them were, actually, in the Navy at some point.

Mermaid:¬† Ahhh, the mermaid, everyone gets mermaids now, so it’s kind of the same situation as the dragon tattoo, but Sailors would get these cuz, hey, it’s porn you can’t lose.¬† There’s also some linkage to the draw of the sea (“homeward bound, seaward drawn” type thing)¬† These were really¬†popular back in the day, and when the Navy banned nudity on the pin-up tattoos, they actually created a huge revenue for the tattoo artists because Sailors went back in droves to get little shell and starfish bikini tops added on in order to be in regs.¬† Ask any tattoo artist that knows his history, and he’ll probably chuckle a bit.

Hula Girl:¬† Similar to the mermaid, they’re sexy to look at, but it also means that you’ve been to Hawaii, nowadays I would say it means you’ve beenstationed¬†in Hawaii, cuz let’s face it, it’s not nearly as hard to get there today¬†as it was in the 1600-1700’s, so there you go.

Shellback¬†Tattoos:¬† Those of us that have been through Wog Day never want to go through that shit again.¬† It’s embarrassing, you’re basically getting IT’d all day, and you’re in so much salt water that you’re pretty much a raisin for the next week and about 17 layers of skin will¬†peel off of you.¬† In the “kinder, gentler Navy” Wog Day is nothing¬†like it was, we’re not allowed to make you crawl through garbage, or beat you up, or tie you down for hours and torture you.¬† But it still sucks.¬† So what some Sailors do is tattoo the date, time, and coordinates of their Shellback¬†initiation on their lower leg, so come Wog¬†Day when the Shellbacks¬†would tear into berthing at 3am ripping people out of their racks and telling everyone to “show a leg” you would literally¬†“show a leg” and prove that you’d already done it, so they’d leave you alone.¬† Ahhhh, Navy tradition! ūüôā

Nautical Stars:¬† These can be five-¬†or six-pointed, and usually have a light side and a dark side, it’s unanimous that they originated with sailors, but there’s so much debate over where and when and why and all that, but the two meanings I really think are the most authentic are these:¬† Sailors used to navigate by the stars, using a compass.¬† There you go.¬† Covers them both.¬† Musicians use these symbols as well (usually five-pointed) but that’s mostly because of Sailor Jerry and how everyone thinks it’s cool to get old school sailor tattoos (I can’t blame them, they are pretty fuckin’ awesome).

The Rose:¬† HA!¬† Bet you didn’t know that rose tattoos got their start in the Navy, didja???¬† Well, it’s true, they got popular when Sailors would tattoo a rose on themselves to honor their wife or girlfriend they left behind¬†(well, it was a nice gesture anyways, we all know the rumors about sailor infidelity, I can neither confirm nor deny the purity of¬†any actions of my shipmates while overseas,¬†and there’s even a term for the wives left at home here in San Diego – WESTPAC Widows).

And then there’s all the rate, rank, flag, eagle, etc stuff that is self-explanatory, or is quite simply an obvious military tattoo, the first two you should definitelyonly have if you’ve served, otherwise I’d say that borders on impersonating a member of the armed forces, or at least being a major poser.¬† And I think any patriotic American that likes tattoos would get a bald eagle and an American flag, you don’t have to be in the military to have it.¬† But let me just say, if you want to get a tattoo, awesome, but please don’t be that guy that gets it only because it “looks cool” without doing your research, tattoo’s mean¬†stuff, in tribal societies they’re literally magical, don’t shit on them like Russel Brand’s character from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go watch the movie right now, because it’s awesome).¬† I don’t have any Navy tattoos yet, and you want to know why?¬† I don’t know exactly how I want them done, I want to make sure they’re perfect because I want to make sure I don’t regret them, just like my other five.¬† I thought long and hard before I got mine, because, especially as a chick, I don’t want to look at them when I’m 40 or 50 and be like “oh… why did I do that… Crap.”¬† So THINK before you INK, and now maybe you’ll even have new respect for that salty dog in the corner of the bar with all the Navy tattoos, because now you know what they mean ūüôā

Also, if there’s other types of Navy tattoos that I’m forgetting (and I’m sure I am, I didn’t spend days researching this, you know) put them here, and what they mean, thanks!

the navy should study business more carefully…

So I’m in the middle of my Business lecture (relax, it’s online, I’m not in a classroom, sheesh…) and it just occurred to me that while Business and Military structure are very similar, the military (or at least the Navy) seems to be missing some key points, and it’s because the Navy isn’t interested in keeping sailors happy.¬† Because it’s the military.¬† So that gives them the ability to just treat us like shit, and then wonder why the “good ones” leave.¬† Well Navy, let me tell you why:

Business Concept Number 1: Equity Theory (aka: the “it’s not fair!” syndrome)

Equity Theory states that people want to be treated fairly (*gasp!* no way!) and that workers (or, in our case, sailors) expect that rewards will reflect individual contributions.

Let me say that again: INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS!

This whole “one team, one fight” garbage that we got shoved down our throats since freaking P-days is so over.¬† For those who have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, it’s like this:¬† You have a division of 10-30 people or so, and one of them messes up.¬† Like bad.¬† Like, your whole division looks like crap because of this one dude.¬† So, instead of Chief punishing Seaman Timmy individually, oh no, he punishes the whole damn division, because “you guys are a team!¬† You succeed as a team, and you’ll fail as a team!”

Fuck that!

I don’t want people to think I’m awesome when Seaman Timmy does something cool, I want them to think he’s awesome, because he earned it!¬† Likewise, if he’s an ass-hat and screws up, why the hell should I get punished?¬† Most likely, I wasn’t even there, and had no way of “correcting” (read: kicking his ass) him.¬† I never understood this.¬† Even when it was explained to me, and it was.¬† A lot.¬† The best I can offer is that for some reason, the salty old dogs think that it’s actually an exercise in “team building”.¬† Let me tell you why: because back in the day (before my time) there was a little activity called “fan-room counseling” where, after the division got reamed for Seaman Timmy’s stupidity, they would all take Seaman Timmy into a¬† fan room¬†(less the Chief, who totally knew, but he didn’t “know”) and commence to beating the shit out of him.¬† Why?¬† Because he caused the entire division to get punished, and they’re pissed, and now he knows just how pissed they are.¬† I’ll bet Seaman Timmy won’t make the same mistake (or any other mistake, for that matter) again.

Barbaric, you say?¬† Totally.¬† Effective?¬† Totally.¬† But now, we have a “kinder, gentler Navy” and we’re not allowed to hit each other, so what happens?¬† Seaman Timmy knows he messed up, but he lacks the mental capacity to understand how pissed off everyone is at him, or, he’s just that much of a jerk that he doesn’t care, he might even get a rise out of it, because nowadays, the division can do nothing.¬† Nothing.¬† There is literally¬†nothing we can do.¬† The leaders say “train him,” but Seaman Timmy is just a perpetual failure, and now he’s got a shit-eating grin on his face, you think we can (or want to) train him?¬† GTFO…

The other side of this is when Seaman Timmy is a perpetual fail, but for some reason he goes from Seaman to First Class in the absolute minimum amount of time.¬† Why, you ask?¬† Evals.¬† Seaman Timmy has somehow convinced his Chain of Command that the sun shines out of his ass, so they give him the best collateral duties, the best evals, and the most time to study for exams.¬† Meanwhile, you have Seaman Johnny, who is an excellent worker, autonomous, and incredibly smart, but he gets average evals, the shittiest jobs, and no time to sleep, let alone study.¬† Want to know why?¬† Because he’ll do it.¬† They Chain of Command knows that he has the initiative to do it himself, so they don’t throw him so much as a bone to help him out.¬† Seaman Timmy simply won’t succeed with so much help, but they need him to, because it makes them look better.¬† So on paper, Seaman Timmy looks like a better sailor, even though he’s a fatass that’s out of weight standards, and keeps having babies and buying cars because he’s a goddamn idiot intent on fucking up his life (yes, baby, that was for you, I probably hate Fatty more than you).

So.¬† Navy.¬† Y’all need to figure out that the term “sailor” is not a collective term for everyone that can be treated as a whole.¬† A “sailor” is a person.¬† A person that has a need to feel valued, or they’re going to leave, or worse, stay in and just not do a damn thing.¬† I did it.¬† When I got fed up with this crap, I finally just stopped doing anything.¬† I slept about 14 hours a day!¬†All I did was stand watch, I refused to do anything else, and I didn’t care who it affected, because I had spent all those years before killing myself trying to get stuff done so that I could be seen as valuable.¬† But I wasn’t.¬† As soon as I realized that I was necessary but not important,¬†I bailed.¬† And I know a lot of other people who did too, and I’m sure there will be plenty more that will.

You can’t kick everyone out for losing their motivation, so maybe you should adjust how you treat them.¬† Individuals are important, and if you can’t figure that out, the Navy will become a defunct enterprise.¬† You can be as advanced as you want with your weapons, technology, and tactics, it’s not going to mean a thing if no one wants to enlist because you treat everyone like hot garbage.

whatever you do, be successful


I subscribe to Daily Challenge ( and recently had to come up with a personal mantra or motto. It didn’t really matter what it was, it could be something to describe oneself, or something to say or think when the going gets tough, or just something to have above the desk so that whenever I see it, it will have some effect on my mindset. The sky was the limit.

Unfortunately for me, having no limitations limits me because I can’t think, my brain just goes everywhere and I cannot focus. I am one of those people that thrive with structure; not too much structure, because that’s just boring for anyone, but enough so that I at least know what direction to go. I researched the concept, I read other peoples mantras/mottos/inspirational quotes, I read about the devas and tried to find one – perhaps posting a picture of one of the gods/goddesses would accomplish the same thing? I was stuck.

So instead of looking without, I began looking within, which is what I should have been doing all along. I thought about what was important to me, but I became frustrated when I envisioned myself with a high-paying job, and a nice house, and children in private school, and a luxury crossover vehicle. Am I really that materialistic that all that matters is that I have nice stuff?? but then I thought about what all those things really represented: success. That’s not such a bad thing to achieve, is it? I get the nice house and car because I’m successful at my chosen career, I’m successful at my chosen career because I find something that I love to do so that I’m motivated to do well, I do well because I attain all the necessary qualifications and experience I need, and I obtain those qualifications by going to school, and, once again, succeeding.

It doesn’t sound so materialistic when you think about the fact that the real basis of success is passion. I’m passionate about training and development, and maybe that sounds silly to you, but it’s true. I honestly enjoy training people (ie. adults, I tried the children’s education thing and thought I was going to go crazy, so not for me!) I love seeing areas of a workforce that need improvement, and finding those solutions, whatever they may be. That’s what I’m passionate about, and trust me, it took a while to figure it out, but now that I have, I have this wonderful sense of direction, which I need to thrive on.

My mother always told my brother and I: "it doesn't matter what you do with your life, but whatever it is that you pursue, make sure you're the absolute best you can possibly be. That is success.” and she was right. She’s always right, as I find more and more as I get older and wiser and am learning the exact lessons she attempted to teach me as a child/adolescent. It’s a mom thing, a conspiracy, I know it…

But back to the issue at hand, I then chose my mantra: “be successful”. I love it. It says it all. To the untrained eye, it says: “I am a shallow person and I only care about material things and winning.” but it means so much more than that. It means that if I decide to pursue the bass guitar more and join another band, I should succeed. If I decide to have a cleaning day to make the house completely spotless, I should succeed. Conversely, if I decide I need a relaxing “chill day” to reboot and start fresh tomorrow, I should succeed. It has nothing to do with being some corporate drone with no soul! It has to do with the fact that whatever I do, in my day or in my life, I should do it well. It’s not enough to half-ass your way through life, being wishy-washy is the quickest way to failure. If you’re going to do it, just do it! I feel so liberated, it’s really put everything in perspective for me, like everything I’m doing right now makes sense, and that no matter what choice I make, it will be the right one, as long as I do it well. I’ve never felt so serene and at peace. Namaste ūüôā

economic forecast

So, this week I had to write a short (150-word) essay for my BUS 100 class.¬† I went over.¬† By a lot.¬† It’s 400 words.¬† But I simply cannot condense it anymore, so I said “screw it” and posted it anyways, for those of you that are interested, the essay is posted below.¬† It is a response to an article titled “Economic Recovery: Don’t Hold Your Breath” and specifically concerns the third myth in the article (how people believe the private sector will bail us out).¬† Feedback is totally welcome, there’s a ton of other stuff I wanted to say, so give me a run for my money!

Due to American Express’ establishment of a captive unit in India in the 1970’s, the United States has been caught up in a trend of global outsourcing that is causing a half billion people oversees to perform services for American corporations.¬† Add to this the double-edged sword of technological advancement in business (sure, it’s convenient, but how many people have been laid off because of machines and computers?) and you have a recipe for economic trouble.

There are those that believe the private sector will, in a glorious act of philanthropy, fix the current recession.¬† This will not happen without the guiding hand of the government on Big Business’ shoulder; and why should they?¬† The businesses themselves are seeing profits of $1.68 trillion collectively in the fourth quarter of 2010, they don’t want to lose that money…

Government interference in private business is seen as a taboo suggestion to most people who¬†believe in the foundations of a “free America,” but what if the corporations doing all the outsourcing are simply contributing to the decline of the American economy?¬† Many would argue that this is exactly what is occurring, and so the proposal that the government perhaps “redirect” globalized businesses to function more ethically when it comes to domestic economy may not be so horrible after all.

A solution that President Obama has proposed is to stop the tax breaks on those businesses that outsource.  I propose we take that a step further and actually impose a small tax on companies that are spending their money in other countries for services that could be provided domestically.  We then use this tax to help create training programs (which may even be linked to the unemployment system) for Americans that need to learn a new or different trade in order to work.  The tax would be enough that it would actually end up being cheaper to hire and pay employees from the United States, thus promoting domestic economic growth.  The companies with offshore sites would end up paying the most, in the beginning, when we need the most funding for the training programs.  As these businesses begin to downsize their foreign investments to avoid the tax, the amount of revenue into the program would go down, but so would the demand for it.  In the end, this program would give businesses and workers exactly what they need: jobs filled by the American citizens that need them.