neighborhood etiquette

Maybe I’m being uptight, maybe I’m being old-fashioned, maybe I’m just plain naïve, but it seems to me that people today just don’t think about other people the way they used to. I’m all for exercising your freedom to do what you want, but please, stop inconveniencing other people!

Example 1: Noise. We recently vacated our duplex-style apartment in favor of owning a home. We’re not crazy rich, and we live in San Diego, so our options were kind of limited as far as size, area, and price. We finally settled on a nice street in a neighborhood that has “bad” areas and “decent” areas. For the most part, people on our street (a short cul-de-sac) are quiet, seldom seen, and gracious when met. There are, however, two houses at the end (where we are – shocker) that we’ve had noise issues with. One is inhabited by this couple with an 18 year-old daughter who stomps up and down the street in her pink Uggs, booty hanging out of her short-shorts, and pot-belly wobbling beneath her too-small shirt, screaming into her cellphone. Really? Shut up. No one cares about the fight you’re having with your boyfriend. Speaking of whom, said boyfriend makes about three or four trips a day to their house, in his rattling car, blasting gangster rap, and then he sits there blasting it. You shut up too, we realize that you used money you should have spent fixing your car on gigantic subs that make your trunk sound like its farting. Go away. And just today, there was this ridiculous Mexican music being blasted, not by one of the houses on our street, as I initially thought, but by a house on the next street over! Yeah. It’s that loud. And it’s still going. And I just heard feedback, so it’s a live band. Ugh!

Example 2: Parking. I realize we don’t own the street parking in front of our house, but jeez, park in front of your own house! Every house on our street has a two-car garage, with room for at least one car in the driveway. Park there! I know, our house has the biggest front lawn, and we can fit three cars on the street in front of those areas, but you’re parking right in front of our front window. You go away too. Git orf o’ my property!

It is, at this point, that I realize that as much as I love the city, as much as I love San Diego, I am greatly warming to the idea of moving back to where Dave hails: San Antonio. Less urban sprawl, closer to his family, and if we live on the western side of the city, closer to Las Cruces, where my parents plan on retiring. I just feel so smothered here. I’m at the point where I want to get married and have children in the next decade, and I want to raise them in an environment similar to where Dave and I grew up. Maybe not as rural as where I lived, but the concept still applies: space, privacy, safety. If people aren’t going to be courteous to others anymore, I simply want nothing to do with them. Period.


One thought on “neighborhood etiquette

  1. I think a lot of us feel this way babe. There just aren’t enough people around that actually care about their neighbors. I would love to be able to live somewhere similiar to where I grew up when i decide to have kids and all that. As for the teenager….I would have asked her already to put on some decent clothes and maybe slashed the boyfriends tires would keep him away 😉 Just an idea!

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