widows of mw3…

I have lost Dave.  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 came out this week, and it is IMPOSSIBLE for him to go a day without playing it for at least four hours – and that’s just while I’m home awake.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that he has something to do that doesn’t involve me so that I can write, or get my homework done, or whatever, but I can’t wait until he has his man-cave so I can get the stupid music out of my head!  I also tend to jump when he gets upset and yells at the other people playing (though they can’t hear him because the last time he chucked his headset, we never saw it again).

I can’t say that I’m not into video games, I also have my xBox with kinect, and my PC games (I’m actually quite fond of “The Sims 2,” don’t judge me) but I don’t usually get involved with those, probably because I’m always doing other stuff.  Usually, as soon as I walk in the door, it’s cooking dinner, then eating dinner, then I do my homework while Dave does the dishes (he’s so nice!) and he plays video games while I finish my homework.  When I’m finished, he usually turns it off, and we’ll watch some tv for a bit until I finally just can’t stay awake anymore.  I go upstairs, he turns on the PS3.  Not to mention that he splits his time off work fairly evenly between napping and playing MW3, and there’s about a six-hour gap between him getting home and me getting home.

I don’t really mind it, but I do wonder about the effect it’s going to have on other things.  Like when we decide to have kids.  I used to get so angry at my mother for not allowing me to have a game console or unlimited computer time when I was a kid, but now that I think about it, there were many, many times that I stayed up all night playing after I was old enough to deal with the consequences of my own mistakes.  I cannot imagine having that option when I was, say, ten.  I’m hoping that Dave will be able to set a good example once we have kids, and only let them play certain games, for limited amounts of supervised time, and not let the kids be around when he’s virtually massacring everyone in HD…

I do worry that perhaps I’ll be considered “old-fashioned” and over-protective by other parents, but in the grand scheme of things, these are going to be my kids, I’m going to be the one responsible for teaching them, and as much as I don’t want them to be teased like I was for certain stuff, I’d rather that than them running with the wrong crowd, having an inappropriate amount of knowledge about certain things.  I’m actually more concerned with whether or not they’ll even be able to have friends; I’m worried that I won’t be able to find parents that have the same values that I do.  Hell, I’m worried that Dave is going to think I’m nuts!  That’s why I occasionally run this stuff by him so I can kind of test the waters, and so far, he seems cool with it, but that might be because we’re not even married, let alone seriously starting to plan kids, so it might not seem “real” to him yet.  I hope we can come to an agreement on kids before we get married though, because that would be a straight road to ruin if we can’t see eye-to-eye.  I think we’ll compliment each other well, though, I’ll be the crazy over-protective neurotic mother, and he’ll be the laid back “don’t mind your mother, she’s just crazy right now” dad.  We seem to be doing well with the dogs anyway, I think they’re a decent test-drive, especially since our dogs are so damn needy!

this is our baby boy, Spud

and this is Isis, she's REALLY cranky, mostly...

 Yes.  Chihuahuas.  Dave was away when I decided to adopt them, so he didn’t really have a lot of say.  He pretends that they embarrass him, and I’m sure they do sometimes, but I know he loves them anyways, he’s the one holding Spud in that picture, bwahahahahaa!

But back to Call of Duty, is there a support group I can get in on?  I feel so left out, because I suck at first-person shooter, so I can’t play 😦


3 thoughts on “widows of mw3…

  1. Tracie says:

    I know you don’t know me and I may come off as rude with my statements but this is what I thought after reading this article. Take me as you will: The girl in this article sounds like she’s too understanding of Dave’s game playing situation and is on the road to becoming a Stepford wife. She needs to get some emotional aggression out on this guy before they have kids (let alone get married) so she really doesn’t become the “crazy over-protective neurotic mother” and Dave doesn’t get degrade his wife in front of their kids and be the “laid back ‘don’t mind your mother, she’s just crazy right now’ dad.”

  2. Chad says:

    Maybe you should start practicing your First Person Shooters 😛

  3. Lena says:

    Tracie, you absolutely are not rude 🙂 I truly respect your opinions, and I encourage them from everyone. My situation kind of reminds me of that movie “Fever Pitch”, have you seen it? It’s not like Dave shirks responsibility here, on the contrary, he does 99% of the laundry (because I hate it, and we would have no clothes if he didn’t) and he does the dishes after I cook so I can get a jump on my homework. The other day, we had a couple of friends over and while we were waiting, we both dropped what we were doing and became a two-person tidying tornado so that the apartment would look nice when our guests arrived. We are on the same wavelength 99% of the time, at least it seems to me. Yes, he’s still a guy and occasionally I get a bit exasperated with his way of thinking, but most of the time I think he just does it to be funny (like the stereotypical John Wayne “git yerself in the kitchen an’ bake me a pie, woman!” I KNOW he’s just playing then) I think the big difference is that while I spend all of my time planning for the future, he’s content to just chill in the present, and I envy him that. Being in the military offers a lot of security that I don’t have anymore, so he can do that, while I cannot. Honestly, if playing video games makes him happy and not the bogged-down morose type of guy that I see sometimes with crazy, control-freak women, I’ll suck it up and start practicing my first-person shooters, like Chad said 🙂

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