maybe school just isn’t my thing…

I have GOT to crack down on myself with this homework thing, but all I can think about is getting another job like I had in the Emergency Operations Center on base.  But that requires a Master’s.  So I’m right back where I started.

I used to love school, when that was all I had to do and I didn’t have to worry about money or insurance, or food, I wish I had just finished college from the get-go.  Granted, that would mean that I would have graduated from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island in 2007 with a double-major in Theatre and Music.  Wow.  My life would be SO different…

Sorry, I got lost on a tangent there.  But my life would be a hell of a lot different, that’s for sure…

Unfortunately, since I kind of need money, this whole going to school and not working thing has me really stressed out, even though Dave repeatedly (probably to his great consternation) tells me that it’s okay and he’ll take care of everything.  I would give anything to just go to school, let Dave worry about everything, and just get it done already.

See, what I want to do is be a training and development specialist for a company.  I want to have them tell me what they need training on, and I’ll research it, develop a training plan, and teach the employees how to properly implement it.  I loved doing that in the EOC, it was something I was good at, I was able to learn, and I got to teach people that were (mostly) willing and professional.  I loved that job.  So I have to finish this stupid Bachelor’s in Human Resources and then hopefully I’ll have the fortitude to go on and get the Masters in Training and Development.  So much boring stuff for such an awesome job!  Ew!

First thing’s first though, I’ve got to catch up on my algebra homework or Professor Edwards is going to kill me…


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