rain, rain, go away…


I hate rain. That’s why I left New England, San Diego was supposed to be warm, and sunny, and 75 degrees every day!  Pththththt, not in November…

I hate rain mostly because I am not only a veteran, I am a disabled veteran, with knee and back damage, so everyone over the age of 40 knows that cold + wet = pain.  My left knee is the size of a dang grapefruit, and that’s supposed to be the GOOD one.  Last night I was using both of my canes, a new experience, but it allowed me to step outside for a smokey treat (yes, I smoke, if you’re in the Service and you don’t, you’re pretty much out of the loop on everything, and you lose opportunities to schmooze your superiors.  I’ve cut back a lot, no lectures please, I’ll quit when I damn well feel like it.  Certainly not when I’m stressed and in pain all the damn time…).

Where was I?  Oh yes, the evil rain…

The other reason I don’t like it is because my dogs don’t like it.  They’re Chihuahuas, and I don’t think they really understand the concept of rain.  I go to take them out and they take one look at that wet path and turn around and go back inside, so I either have to drag them, or carry them to their “spot” and rather than just go so we can go back inside where it’s warm, they stand there, crouched down, ears back, looking at me with THE MOST pathetic expressions ever and then I feel bad for being a terrible mommy.  Manipulative little brats…

they enjoy snuggling on anything made with microPlush..

On the bright side, the fun thing about it being cold and wet is being warm and dry while looking at the cold and the wet and saying taunting things to it (akin to the “nana nana boo boo” adage…) I also made yummy tomato soup with grilled ham and cheese sammiches for Dave and I at lunch, though he politely requested that his soup be swapped for macaroni and cheese (it’s amazing the man is capable of using the bathroom with the amount of cheese he consumes, I swear) but it was a lovely, hearty lunch that brought me back to afternoons at home in the fall, sitting at the table with a book and a bowl of soup, dropping crumbs into the creases the pages, and not even noticing.  I used to DEVOUR books.  I still read quite a bit, and definitely more often than most of the people I know, but I don’t read nearly as much as I used to, which makes me a little sad.  I read a lot on deployments; it was the only way I could wind down in my rack so that I could actually get some sleep before watch.  I remember one time I went on a deployment and I forgot to bring books, don’t ask me how it happened, but thankfully, I had just downloaded Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer on to my iPhone.  I read that book more times than I can count.  At least five.  It was ridiculous.  I distinctly remember skipping entire sections simply because I’d memorized the content.  Thank god it’s a good book!

Breaking Dawn TSBD 1sht Breaking Dawn Pictures

Speaking of “Breaking Dawn”…

OMG!  I’m so excited for the next movie to come out!  Not that I’m a Edward or Jacob freak, but I genuinely like seeing the pictures I’ve imagined on-screen.  They have cast these movies incredibly well, and I even enjoy some of the ways they’ve taken artistic license in order to convert the books to movies. Plus, you get to see the whole story without having to do stuff like eat, sleep, and work in between reading sessions…  I don’t know what it is about Twilight, but you simply must watch “Hey, Shipwreck”s take on the whole female obsession with it…


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